Freebie! Super Text.

This text is build with two layers of text. You’ll want to use a nice bold font. Most importantly this text is 100% editable!

Super Text

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Freebie! Obliviouse Icons

Not only are you getting these icons with the download, you’ll also get the Graphic Styles used to create them.Oblivious Icons Preview
Included are Illustrator 10, CS, CS2, and a png:

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Adobe XMP.

“I said XMP.”
“X-What-P? ”
“I said. X-M-P.”
“What-P-What? “

XMP stands for Extensible Metadata Platform. Essentially it’s information about information contained in a document or database. While the idea of Metadata has been around a while (Index of a book, A Dictionary, etc…), Metadata is relatively new and has changed the way people search there documents. With the worlds information heading to the desktop people can now type in a search, rather than look it up on a card… then wander through the library… for a cryptic number… on a tiny spine.

Ok so whats the big deal? Imagine you are an artist working at a design shop. You your self have created about 100 gigs of art a year (thats about where I’m at). So lets say in your third year of working, a client wants a document from “a year or so ago, oh and it has that little caricature with the red hat”. Uh huh. I haven’t a clue what he is talking about. Besides there are 8 artist here, thats 2,400 gigs worth of data to look through.

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Freebie! Burning Desire.

I give you my

Burning Desire

Some of you might recognize this from my Adobe Exchange account. It has over 2,000 downloads.

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Freebie! Vector Paisly Pattern

Over on he built a wonderful Seemless Vector Perforated Metal Pattern (boy that was a mouth full). He mentioned he wanted to do a seemless paisley pattern. I though hmm… can’t be too hard.

Once I found references I was able to start building it.
My Paisley Sample

About 90% of the work was creating the Paisley design. Once I had that down (I built custom brushes) the patterning was easy.

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Freebie! Plastic Styles.

Well these were pretty popular on the Adobe Exchange. 8,000+ downloads for the Illustrator version and a whopping 10,000+ for the Photoshop Styles! I don’t want to brag (eh hem 18,247 downloads so far…), so with out further bragging here they are:

Plastic Style

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