Plastic Style Boxes V 2.0

This is in reply to the much anticipated original. In the original version (Seen Here) the plastic was rather straight. In this new and revised version I have added the Arc to the reflection. In this AI file you will find all 5 of the new graphic Styles in there refreshed state.

Plastic Styles V2
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Update: Illustrator 10 EPS added, per request.

As usual they are in Illustrator 10, CS, and CS2:


Editable Reflections

While there are many tutorials on the web on how to do a reflection either in Photoshop or Illustrator, there are few (read: maybe none) that show you how to do it and keep your art 100% Editable! In other words, lets say you build this sweet layout for your client, you spent some time on that text on top with the reflection.

“We Love it!” It has a nice Web 2.0 look! great Job. Oh but we want it to say something else”.

This is why I love the Appearance Pallet! In these new styles you’ll be able to grab your text tool and just re type it. You can edit them as you want or need. You can even apply them to any shape or text.

Here you can see how its done. By keeping the fill with a gradient set to “Multiply” you are able to put your object on any color background.
Reflections How

Click more for a a tip and the download.
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Blue Gloss.

Now I give you my Blue Gloss Style.

Blue Glass

Again its one object but uses the Appearance pallet. So open it up and see how its done. I also added a little surprise in the Illustrator file. Download after the jump…
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Why the change?

Well there will be a few changes around here. First up is the new template. Though its not the final look of

I’m currently working on my web site, and it will be including this blog in its design (yes that means yet another change is in the future). Hopefully (cross your fingers) everything will go smooth. Until then I decided I needed a cleaner, more professional looking blog. And here it is. All the content will be the same and will still be freely available.

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Hot Styles.

So these are a little intensive. They are built in the Appearance pallet. The Feather and Inner Glow are processor intensive. But they are pretty sweet! As you’ll see on my site is that I build a lot of my art in the Appearance pallet. Thats is due to how I use them. Most of the stuff I create needs to be editable.

In this example, once you have this style applied to text, the text is still 100% editable! Its best to use a nice bold font.

Hot Styles

Download after the jump…

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OK this is just a quick little freebee. Its a style you can add to any item. It works well with text.
And as usual, this Graphic Style keeps the text fully editable.


*Edit: This was inspired by a little graphic I saw on line. If any one recognizes it, let me know. I’d like to give them credit.
So there you have it, here is the link with Illustrator 10, CS, and CS2:
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Chrome Styles

In this set there are 6 styles and 3 bonus Soft Metal styles… ahhh! Thats 9 total! Sweet huh?

Chrome Style SM

Download after the jump…

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