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I have to apologies, my hosting provider sucks and is down. Ill let you all know when its up and running.
It should only be a few days.


Ok so here is an update. Apperantly my URL ( expired. Doh! So all my links were down also.
The good news, my web host was good to me and helped me out. Soooo… that means all thoes links should be working.



Adobe Exchange Downloads: 46,532 and counting

Thats right, I said 46,532 downloads. What is the Adobe Exchange Downloads? Well Adobe has a section on there site called Exchange. Its basically a place artists can upload Adobe files for others to download. I started offering what I offer here on that service. It allowed me to reach a good amount of artists without having to come up with a web site, such as this.

46,532 is how many time my file have been downloaded (at the time of this post) with 12,695 being the highest for my Illustrator Plastic Style and 1,838 for my Illustrator Plastic Style V 2.0. So my reason for this post? Well I feel 50,000 downloads is some pretty good bragging rights. Yep, I’ll be bragging when it hits the big 50! Its about time I brag a tad.

Thats it, I’m a pretty modest guy so I’ll stop there.
Oh and here is a link to those files in case you want them-> Link

I’ve Moved!!

Just a quick FYI, this blog has moved to a new home. You’ll need to update your RSS to this ->Link. If you want to see the blog in all is glory you can see it here. -> Link.

So you ask why the move? Well it was originally because I wanted to use a better theme. I currently have my personal site (here) and wanted to co-brand it with my blog. Its an exercise in branding. I had been wanting to brand me and my work so people will associate it all as one. Currently people say, “Gautch? Whats that?”. Then i have to explain is actually pronounced “Josh”, and then I have to go on about how its my brand and all that goes with that explanation. So this move is basically the first step, of many, to creating that brand.

Head over to the new site and ill be posting new downloads for you shortly.

Convert To Shape Tutorial and Freebie!

I was reading through a post on Mordy’s site about the Convert To Shape option in the Affect menu.
Basically you can take any shape, even text, and make a new Fill or Stroke in the Appearance Pallet into a solid shape.
A mini 6 step tutorial and download after the jump.
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Dodge Style.

Here it is. A nice chrome style. There are actually 6 styles in this download .
Dodge Style

Download after the jump…

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Web Layout

So a friend and I were talking about doing a web layout in Illustrator rather than Photoshop. My argument was that I worked faster in Illustrator. His argument was that I couldn’t create a decent layout for the web.

Now this design has yet to be sliced or coded but I feel a pretty good design. Simple and clean. What do you think?
Web Layout
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Plastic Style Web 2.0 Text

These Styles are perfect for Logos or Headers! As you can see you can use odd shapes. Though if you do, you may need to open the Appearance Pallet and tinker with the top Fill’s Transform Effect to get it to position right.
Plastic Style Text

As you may know by now, the way I design stuff in Illustrator is to be Dynamic, in other words non destructive to the vector paths. Basically this keeps the text editable. For instance, lets say you typed “Plastic” then made it all fancy like above. But your client wants a different font, or have it say something else. In the way I design it, all you have to do is change the font or re-type it.

Lets say you know your client will never change there mind (Pssh, like that ever happends) then you could go with Bittbox’s great tutorial “Glossy Vector Web 2.0 Logo Text in 5 Easy Steps“.

But… you could just down load my file and just type in the word and just choose the font you want.
Be sure to check out the rest of this blog and all my freebies!
As usual they are in Illustrator 10, CS, and CS2: