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Vector Paisley Pattern Tutorial

Ok, sooo after a long wait I’ve found the art and is prepping it to upload, it turns out I didn’t find the final AI i originally posted. But instead I found the files I used to build it. A big plus for you all!

So in this post ill give you a quick tutorial on how to use the pattern.
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Blue Gloss tutorial

Today we will learn how to create a simple glossy graphic style using a couple of gradients. All of this magic will happen in the Appearance Pallet.
Oh and then we’ll go on to resize everything Dynamicaly. Hold your horses, ill explain Dynamic Objects shortly.
Here is what we are going to make:
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Convert To Shape Tutorial and Freebie!

I was reading through a post on Mordy’s site about the Convert To Shape option in the Affect menu.
Basically you can take any shape, even text, and make a new Fill or Stroke in the Appearance Pallet into a solid shape.
A mini 6 step tutorial and download after the jump.
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