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Adobe XMP.

“I said XMP.”
“X-What-P? ”
“I said. X-M-P.”
“What-P-What? “

XMP stands for Extensible Metadata Platform. Essentially it’s information about information contained in a document or database. While the idea of Metadata has been around a while (Index of a book, A Dictionary, etc…), Metadata is relatively new and has changed the way people search there documents. With the worlds information heading to the desktop people can now type in a search, rather than look it up on a card… then wander through the library… for a cryptic number… on a tiny spine.

Ok so whats the big deal? Imagine you are an artist working at a design shop. You your self have created about 100 gigs of art a year (thats about where I’m at). So lets say in your third year of working, a client wants a document from “a year or so ago, oh and it has that little caricature with the red hat”. Uh huh. I haven’t a clue what he is talking about. Besides there are 8 artist here, thats 2,400 gigs worth of data to look through.

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