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Ok.. so after looong months of looking and making phone calls ect… ect… I have found the Vector Paisley Pattern files. If you don’t remember you can see it here.

Ill be posting it in the next day or two. I’ll also update this post and the original.

Update: Ok so i posted a tutorial and the file here.




While i was trying to update my hosting and URL i didn’t back up the blog. Whoops. So let this be a lessen to all of you, back it up! Now on to your regularly scheduled program.

So I’ve given a few (around 20) free Illustrator files with countless Styles and tips. Now I have a question for you.
Is there a Graphic Style you’ve seen on my site that you would like a tutorial for?

Thats it, simply name one and ill get going on it.

Host is down…

I have to apologies, my hosting provider sucks and is down. Ill let you all know when its up and running.
It should only be a few days.


Ok so here is an update. Apperantly my URL ( expired. Doh! So all my links were down also.
The good news, my web host was good to me and helped me out. Soooo… that means all thoes links should be working.


Why the change?

Well there will be a few changes around here. First up is the new template. Though its not the final look of

I’m currently working on my web site, and it will be including this blog in its design (yes that means yet another change is in the future). Hopefully (cross your fingers) everything will go smooth. Until then I decided I needed a cleaner, more professional looking blog. And here it is. All the content will be the same and will still be freely available.

Be sure to check out the rest of this blog and all my freebies!

No More Freebies! Just Kidding

Actually I’m going to stop using the “Freebie!” in all my titles. Its should be obvious by now.

95% of my posts are about the free stuff I offer, and every so often I talk about other design things. So from now on I won’t be stating that a specific post is a Freebie!, just assume it is.


Be sure to check out the rest of this blog and all my freebies!