Vector Paisley Pattern Tutorial

Ok, sooo after a long wait I’ve found the art and is prepping it to upload, it turns out I didn’t find the final AI i originally posted. But instead I found the files I used to build it. A big plus for you all!

So in this post ill give you a quick tutorial on how to use the pattern.
Step 01
Open the file and open your Swatches and Appearance pallets.

Step 02
Create a box:

Then fill it by selecting the pattern swatch (top left):

Click for details

Step 01
You can resize it or even grab your pen tool and make an odd shape.

Click for details.

Step 01
Simple right? So the only problem is when your Paisley shape is over something else like so:

Click for details.

Step 01

Lets fix that. Open your Appearance pallet if its not already.
Add a fill. And fill it with white.

Step 01
Then move it down below the Paisley pattern fill.

TADA!!! Nice work.

Step 01
Lets go a step further and look at the resizing issues. In your Transform pallet lets click “Transform Both”.

See what happens when you resize it? The pattern resizes with the shape.

Now select “Transform Object Only”…

… and see what happens. This time the shape resizes, but the pattern stays.

Step 01
You’ll witch between “Transform Object Only” and “Transform Both” as you move the object around. This setting doesn’t only affect resizing but also position.

Now go and have fun with this. Oh whoops i almost forgot the link to the download.
Illustrator CS2 (but im pretty sure it will work in version 10 and CS):
Paisley Pattern

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  1. I’m really glad to have found this site (through Blogged). Lots of great tips here and I’ll be firing up AI to give them a go. Thanks.

  2. @ Doug C.
    I checked out your site. You’ve got some nice stuff there! Great job!
    I’m glad you have found some use of my blog.

    • Sally McGerty
    • July 8th, 2008

    I’m new at this. What software do I need to open an ai file?

  3. @Sally:
    .ai files are created in Adobe Illustrator.

    • dan
    • July 23rd, 2008

    I am using corel Draw X3 how can I use these?

  4. @Dan:
    Corel Draw may be able to open the EPS file. But i loath Corel, so i wouldn’t be much help.

  5. hey, nice tut! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been looking for something similar for weeks.

  6. Thank you

  7. “Vector Paisley Pattern Tutorial Gautch” ended up being a
    relatively awesome blog, . I hope you keep writing and I’ll keep on following! Thank you ,Pansy

  1. June 11th, 2008
    Trackback from : Anouncement. « Gautch
  2. June 11th, 2008

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