Blue Gloss tutorial

Today we will learn how to create a simple glossy graphic style using a couple of gradients. All of this magic will happen in the Appearance Pallet.
Oh and then we’ll go on to resize everything Dynamicaly. Hold your horses, ill explain Dynamic Objects shortly.
Here is what we are going to make:

Step 1

We are going to start with a rectangle, with out round corners. This one is 200 px X 200 px.

Step 2

Open your Appearance Pallet (Shft+f6 or Window->Appearance). Select your Fill layer and add a gradient. Make sure the Angle is set to 90.

Step 3

Select your Stroke Layer in the Appearanc Pallet. And choose white in your swatches. Set it to 2 pt.

Step 4

Add a new Stroke and set its color to C=100, M=100, Y=0 and K=0.

Step 5

Select both layers by clicking on one, then shift+clicking on the other.
Now pull them below the fill. Then pull your Blue stroke below your white one.
Set your blue stroke with to 4 pt.

Step 6

Here is where it starts to look really good. Add a new fill (make sure it the top most layer).

Step 7

Give it a gradient according to this image.

Step 8

Open yoru Transperancy Pallet (Shft+Ctrl+F10 or Windows->Transperancy) and set the mode to Multiply.
Awesome! So far.

Step 9

Lets add a drop shadow. Select the top “Path” in your Appearance Pallet.
Click Effect->Stylize->Drop Shadow. Turn on the Preview. I like subltle shadows, I hate when it screams “Look im a noob and use the defult settings” Soo… Play with your settings till you like it.

Step 9-b

If your Drop Shadow Effect isn’t on the bottum most position, you’ll need to drag it down.

Step 10

Again, click the Path on the top of the Appearance Pallet. Then select Effect->Stylize->Round Corners…
I set mine to 0.403 pt.

Further more…

So there you have it. A nice shiny blue box with round corners. Why did we choose Effects rather than Affects? Well this keeps it as a Dynamic Object. This means it editable. Go a head and grab that box a squish it.. see the corners stay perfectly round. If you did that with a “Rounded Rectangle Tool” it would have squashed your corners.
As you can see here, you can quickly add this Apperance to any Object or Text. The “design” having been done in your Appearance Pallet keeps that Text (or any object) editable. Though with text you’ll probably want to drop the Round Corners on text.

…one more thing.

Ok you got your nice Appearance, now you want to apply it to somthing else. Open your Graphic Styles Pallet (Shft+F5 or Windows->Graphic Styles). Click the Pallet Menu and select “New Graphic Style…” That saves it for later use.

Soo… Your a tad lazy and want the source file. Well your in luck, i posted this way back in May of last year. But im a nice guy, so here’s a link to the original post. Though, I’d rather you learn how to do this your self.


    • susan
    • August 5th, 2008

    Awesome! You are SO nice… thanks for teaching and sharing!

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