Adobe Exchange Downloads: 46,532 and counting

Thats right, I said 46,532 downloads. What is the Adobe Exchange Downloads? Well Adobe has a section on there site called Exchange. Its basically a place artists can upload Adobe files for others to download. I started offering what I offer here on that service. It allowed me to reach a good amount of artists without having to come up with a web site, such as this.

46,532 is how many time my file have been downloaded (at the time of this post) with 12,695 being the highest for my Illustrator Plastic Style and 1,838 for my Illustrator Plastic Style V 2.0. So my reason for this post? Well I feel 50,000 downloads is some pretty good bragging rights. Yep, I’ll be bragging when it hits the big 50! Its about time I brag a tad.

Thats it, I’m a pretty modest guy so I’ll stop there.
Oh and here is a link to those files in case you want them-> Link

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