Convert To Shape Tutorial and Freebie!

I was reading through a post on Mordy’s site about the Convert To Shape option in the Affect menu.
Basically you can take any shape, even text, and make a new Fill or Stroke in the Appearance Pallet into a solid shape.
A mini 6 step tutorial and download after the jump.

Ok here’s how.
1. Just Add A New Fill:

2. Move the Fill behind the Characters (drag it like you would a layer in AI or PS). Then change the Fill color to avoid confusion.

3. Next we will add the Convert to Shape Effect. Click on Effect (not Filter) ->Convert to Shape ->Rounded Rectangle…
You can click on either of those three, because you can switch it in the next step.

4. Here you can see where you can change the Shape. Below your Shape option are your other parameters. Check the Preview and you’ll see your changes as you go.

(I wish Illustrator would let you use Polygons, and Stars. Maybe some day.)

5. Do the same for a stroke, but give it a different color.

6. Now as you type your background will adjust to fit.

Be sure to read Mordy’s site, Real World Illustrator. Its all about Illustrator. Mordy worked at Adobe as the product manager for Adobe Illustrator 10 and Adobe Illustrator CS. I met him at the ADIM9 Conference and was immediately impressed.

Here are the source files for the image at the beginning in blue.
As usual they are in Illustrator 10, CS, and CS2:

Be sure to check out the rest of this blog and all my freebies!

  1. This really cool – had no idea you could do something like this…

    • kaiser
    • November 8th, 2007

    hi. read your response on the tutorial on youtube. nice, how easy you converted a boring and bad youtube tutorial into 3 simple steps. keep on!

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