Plastic Style Web 2.0 Text

These Styles are perfect for Logos or Headers! As you can see you can use odd shapes. Though if you do, you may need to open the Appearance Pallet and tinker with the top Fill’s Transform Effect to get it to position right.
Plastic Style Text

As you may know by now, the way I design stuff in Illustrator is to be Dynamic, in other words non destructive to the vector paths. Basically this keeps the text editable. For instance, lets say you typed “Plastic” then made it all fancy like above. But your client wants a different font, or have it say something else. In the way I design it, all you have to do is change the font or re-type it.

Lets say you know your client will never change there mind (Pssh, like that ever happends) then you could go with Bittbox’s great tutorial “Glossy Vector Web 2.0 Logo Text in 5 Easy Steps“.

But… you could just down load my file and just type in the word and just choose the font you want.
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As usual they are in Illustrator 10, CS, and CS2:

  1. Very Nice Gautch!. I love the versatility of the styles, meaning you can retype whatever text you need. Awesome freebie.


  2. Thanks, if only you could also provide some PSDs that would be wonderful XD

  3. Sakimichi, i would love to do some PSD’s but the thing is, everything on this blog is in illustrator.

    But your in luck. Ill post a Photoshop Style shortly.
    *Edit: Due to life kicking in, I have not had time to create the Photoshop Style. I’m sorry, I may get to it at some pint, but i can not promise it.

  4. Love this one…
    One question though.
    Can you add this as a style in illustrator under presets?
    I’ve done that and the styles comes up under styles in illustrator CS2 but they doesn’t look the same after applying them as in your file…

    • mriker
    • October 3rd, 2007

    Thank you SOOOOOOOO much, this is absolutely fantastic!!

    • mriker
    • October 9th, 2007

    Question: if I put the provided text over the provided button (or over any other colored object or background), the transparency from the text is applied over that area of the button as well, which doesn’t look right obviously. Is there an easy way around this?

  5. @Niklas:
    There is a file you can edit that would make this a preset. Follow these instructions, but instead of editing your font, edit your styles pallet.

    @mriker: I read your question, and had a wonderful answer. But re-read your question to be sure i answered everything, and… well… I must have miss read it the first time.

    So the short answer is, I think its hosed. I can get it to work over white or black, but any slight shade of any color hoses it.

    The long answer… Yes you can fix it, but it involves expanding it and thus loosing its editability. Ill click around a bit and see if i can come up with a version 2.

  6. plzzzzzzzz any different style of text placing or for images do u gave me ?
    like folder but not this one i want totally different idea so plzz have any idea?

  7. @javed:
    I’m not 100% sure what your asking.
    But you can check into this link -> Here.
    It might be what your looking for.

  8. Where is the step by step tutorial? It would by good with some instrution in how to go about creating simular effects.

  9. Do you have any sort of tutorial on how to make an “Appearance” like this from scratch so files can still be edited?

    I am fed up of having to keep redoing text if I need to change the font etc and this is perfect.



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  10. Hello,

    I downloaded this Freebie – its amazing, could you tell me please how it works?
    is the mirrored text below a clone-layer? I cant find out how it work 0_0
    I use AI CS3
    thanks a lot

  11. This Grapic Style is based on a simple proces i use often (probably too often) so i did do a tutorial and you can see it Here

  12. Excellent tutorial

  13. thanks man. love what you do

    • Ben
    • May 28th, 2009

    Hey how exactly do you edit the text. It looks like you flattened it into one layer and I can’t edit just the one word I need. Am I just missing something? (probably)

  14. @Ben
    In Illustrator you should be able to just use your text tool.

    Choose the text tool in the tool pallet. Then double click where you want to edit the text.

  15. Thanks very much for this, it’s great!

    Is it possible to change the colours? I don’t want to play any of the effects, just give the whole thing a different tint.



  16. Excellent download, thank you very much!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your great talent dude, this I really a great help to all aspiring web and graphic designers. Keep it up and share more nice ideas. Your cool dude.

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