Just a quick note, I checked my stats for this blog. I’m getting around 100-200 views a week. I know that not a lot, but it nice to know some one is looking at what I have to offer.

Feel free to comment. You can also ask me how to do something in Illustrator and ill see what I can do to help. One thing I like to do is take something that is done in Photoshop and make it happen in Illustrator. If you see even a web banner that looks cool but want to do it in vector, let me know, and I’ll show you how (if its possible).

    • Connie
    • April 25th, 2007

    Hi Josh!

    I’m enjoying looking at all you’ve done here. Think I’ll download some of your tutorials! I’m going to be working on the local theater company website and could use some ideas!

    Good job! Well done! Kudos!

  1. Its great to hear from you Connie. Feel free to use anything you find on my site. There are also some great places to get web design tips. You can check out They have many FREE templates you can use for the site. 90% of the work would be done for you.

    Thanks again for commenting.

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