download button in AI

So posted “5 Advanced Photoshop Techniques for Web Designers” and in the 1st tip they show you how to make some buttons in Photoshop. Upon seeing the final result I thought I could do it in Illustrator.

So minus the arrow, here is the final result:

Awesome button

Yep, all that text is editable and the box will resize for you so here is the download link: Download.


Vector Paisley Pattern Tutorial

Ok, sooo after a long wait I’ve found the art and is prepping it to upload, it turns out I didn’t find the final AI i originally posted. But instead I found the files I used to build it. A big plus for you all!

So in this post ill give you a quick tutorial on how to use the pattern.
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Ok.. so after looong months of looking and making phone calls ect… ect… I have found the Vector Paisley Pattern files. If you don’t remember you can see it here.

Ill be posting it in the next day or two. I’ll also update this post and the original.

Update: Ok so i posted a tutorial and the file here.


Blue Gloss tutorial

Today we will learn how to create a simple glossy graphic style using a couple of gradients. All of this magic will happen in the Appearance Pallet.
Oh and then we’ll go on to resize everything Dynamicaly. Hold your horses, ill explain Dynamic Objects shortly.
Here is what we are going to make:
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Outlining your text = Bad idea!

I worked at an in-house design agency a short while back that would do about 100 to 150 ads a week. They had a practice of outlining text before it went to print, to save them from font issues. While this can help you with a printer, one thing we learned was artists didn’t Un-Do the create outline step, thus saving over the editable version. One of the worst things you can do is click on “Create Outlines”. Now there is something to be said about taking a little time and thinking about what your doing, but 6-8 artist working on that many ads per week can ensure a mishap every so often. This short tutorial, hopefully, will save you in the future. Continue reading

Web Navigations

Here are some free web navigations.

Web Navs

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While i was trying to update my hosting and URL i didn’t back up the blog. Whoops. So let this be a lessen to all of you, back it up! Now on to your regularly scheduled program.

So I’ve given a few (around 20) free Illustrator files with countless Styles and tips. Now I have a question for you.
Is there a Graphic Style you’ve seen on my site that you would like a tutorial for?

Thats it, simply name one and ill get going on it.